Reuters – Israeli police investigating why a car was blocking traffic in the fast lane of a major highway Sunday found a couple inside having sex.

Just in case the story also disappears from Yahoo like it sometimes does, the story happened in ISRAEL of all places TODAY, Sunday February 18th, 2007, 12:24 PM ET

A police spokesman said the couple gave in to their passions without pulling over to the side of the road, causing congestion and leaving other motorists having to swerve to dodge their stationary vehicle. Imagine that, this did not only happen in Israel, it happened in JERUSALEM! With so many taking Viagra and dying wanting to be virile, I guess this just shows that some people are still living and there’s no ‘Children of Men’ around the corner.

Comments welcome but we insist, THIS IS NOT A SEX SITE. I’m sure many of you will go away laughing… We’re slinking away chuckling.