Dipity, the cat with behavioral problems has attacked a woman’s friends and her postal mail delivery man. Sarah Gregg’s cat took a dislike to the postman, leapt three feet and slashed him, drawing blood, as he slipped his hand through the letter box after having launched several attacks on Sarah’s friends.

The local postal service refused further deliveries to Sarah’s home if she did not fit a cage to the inside of her postal box and has also warned by way of letter of suspension of deliveries if any further incidents took place.

Sarah admitted that her cat, Dipity, is a terror and that she likes to pick fights as well as attempted to gouge ‘lumps out of the vet’ when they tried to neuter her. We think that it is high time that a Cat Whisperer came along to deal with cats that have behavioral problems. Dipity Dooda Dipity Day….. – whistles tune –