Cat Mutilation

Thursday, Oct. 21st 1999

In keeping with our record of cat mutilation cases, here’s a case that was determined to have been caused by ‘human hands’. The wicked shall never rest. I think the Animal Cruelty Societies are now seeking far tougher convictions for such crimes.

North York Cat Mutilation Case 1999 - article

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In following up with our investigation on cat mutilations, something we saw recently on mystery sites touting unearthly reasons for the mutilations – by unearthly we don’t mean witchcraft but UFO’s. All this seemed to have happened a while back in Denver in 2003 but we think its important enough to discuss the implications of too much hysteria; easily picked up by these mystery-mongering websites which would like to suggest that UFO’s are now picking up cats; having expanded their practice from cattle mutilation, to examine them to see whether they are affected by BSE or other form of CJD disease.

To make our point, we’d like to refer to this post from ‘Walter in Denver’ – his thoughts about the cat mutilations, media frenzy and mass hysteria. Walter in Denver – A Case Study on Media Frenzy and Mass Hysteria.

We cannot sufficiently stress how important it is to ‘keep our head’ on – Walter puts a straight view on the hysteria:

“Note how 45 cats spread over a year became ‘almost every day.’ “

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article (yes, the cut mutilation news reached as far as Sydney, Australia!) on the cat mutilations that happened in Denver in 2003 – “Cat killers cut swathe through suburbs

It all makes you wonder – why on earth would aliens and UFOs decide to mutilate cats, keep half of their bodies for examination and leave the rest to frighten us? The reasons these sites give for leaving the other half on earth is to inform us (in a not-so-direct manner) that they are ‘looking out for us’. They are trying to tell us – “look, hey you, your cat may have BSE or CJD disease and we’re trying to hint to you that we are doing experiments on them.”

As a matter of record and investigation, we will be listing some animal mutilation cases. The intent is to examine cause, reasons and the whodunnits.

Animals mutilation, including cattle, cats and dogs are surrounded by a measure of mystery. Some cases have clearly not been solved but most cases have been proven to have been done by humans, either as a form of pleasure and fun or as part of Satanic rituals and devil worship.

Here, we’ll be dealing specifically with cat mutilations which seemed to have plagued and frightened the citizens of many towns and counties in the U.S.A in great measure since 2002.

Monday 27th August 2007, Barrie, Ontario

Three cats have been found dismembered in the city in recent weeks. Ontario SPCA Inspector Rachel Banks said the killings are suspicious and do not look like regular animal attacks.

“Wild animals in Ontario eat the intestines and the head, but in these cases those parts have been left,” she said. “It’s kind of frightening if there’s the Jeffery Dahmer of cats out there.”

The latest cat was found Friday on a popular dog-walking trail off Ferndale in the city’s north end.

The body was cut in half and the cat’s limbs were separated and left a few feet from the body.

“If you look at the bone, it’s been clean cut,” said Banks. “There is no evidence of gnawing or chewing, and there has been evidence of skinning. That’s not normal. That’s not what animals in Ontario do.”

SPCA officials removed the body, and plan to send it to the University of Guelph for a necropsy.

The other two cats were found in the south end of the city in the Big Bay Point Road area.

The first cat was found in a residential backyard by homeowners.

The second cat was found, wearing a collar with no tags, in a high school football field.

For Banks, the cases are disturbing and frustrating.

“Usually the animals are alive when we get them so it is much easier to have a veterinarian examine them and tell us what the problem is,” she said. “But in a case like this it’s a little more frustrating when then animal is not only dead, but mutilated as well.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Barrie OSPCA at 728-7311.

Saturday 25th August 2007, Barrie, Ontario – Report by The Barrie Examiner

Tuesday 15th August, 2007, Spokane, U.S.A.

Tuesday night, SpokAnimal CARE responded to yet another disturbing call from residents surrounding Albi Stadium. For the third time this month, the back half of a severed cat was found in their neighborhood.

SpokAnimal is very concerned about the nature of these cruel acts: they have no blood anywhere in or near the body, the bodies are strategically and methodically placed in the area that they’ve been found, and the cut is very clean, not torn as if an animal had caused the dismemberment.

Officials at SpokAnimal fear that these acts are somehow related to a cruel cult activity. They are asking the public for help in providing leads on who might be killing the cats. If they do have information, they should contact Gail Mackie at SpokAnimal CARE: 509-534-8133 or contact an Animal Protection Officer in their offices at 710 N. Napa in Spokane.


August 1st 2003, Aurora, Colorado, U.S.A

Aurora Colorado Police Chief Ricky Bennett said that necropsies performed on a sample of 10 mutilated cats showed that, without a doubt, other animals, such as foxes, killed the felines. It was the assumed that all 45 cat mutilations in the Denver metro area during 2003 were apparently the result of predators and not humans. This came after authorities in Utah made similar findings and contacted the Aurora police to investigate the possibility of wild animals being the cause of their rash of mutilated cats.

There had been nearly 50 incidents in the metro area beginning November 2002 up until August 2003 and a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a Colorado suspect was at $14,500. Public suspicions that a person or people were responsible was so intense that authorities had stopped giving out information about the cases saying it might spur more mutilations.

The Colorado task force was specially assembled to investigate the killings and had planned to compile its information to aid other states that experience a rash of pet deaths. see link.

June 29th 2003, Denver, U.S.A.

A string of cat mutilations continued to climb in Denver in 2003 as there were three more reported cases in the metro area over the weekend before June 29th, 2003.

The most recent mutilated cat was found by a Denver Police officer Sunday morning in a Denver park near 8th and Syracuse. Investigators sent the carcass to the Denver Dumb Friends League for examination.

At least 28 cats have turned up dead in the metro area in the past year, with some decapitated and others gutted. Eighteen of those cats have been found in Aurora.

A woman walking her dog early Saturday morning found one of the cats, police spokeswoman Kathleen Walsh said. Police were alerted to the other cat, which was found in a field, by an anonymous tip, she said.

About a dozen cats also have been killed and mutilated in Salt Lake City since last spring and authorities there are in contact with Colorado police.

The Denver Dumb Friends League is offering a reward of at least $12,000 for information that leads to the capture and conviction of those responsible for the mutilations.


Proof of Satanic Rituals Taking Place at Mailing List, Arroyo

Arroyo tunnel, site of cat mutilation, is cleaned up

Last Update: 08/15/2003 12:49:44 PM
By: Kurt Christopher

A drainage tunnel believed to be the site of satanic rituals has been cleaned up in Albuquerque.

Ten-year-old Michael Cericola found his cat dead and mutilated in the arroyo near Comanche and Tramway NE last month. Inside, the tunnel was covered in graffiti saying “666” and “Satan.”

City officials spent $7,000 repainting the tunnel and placing grates on either side to prevent anyone from entering.

Officials plan to clean up other arroyos around the city. They are also offering a $15,000 reward for information regarding the cat mutilation.


As we find more cat mutilation cases, we’ll post them.